How Long To Extend My Penis?

This is an important question and depends on which way you decide to try and enlarge your penis. We only reccommend one way and that is penis enlargement devices otherwise known as a penis traction device. There are many different types of penis extender device ranging from the cheaper ones to the penis extender deluxe and as usual the more you spend the less time you need to use it.

A penis enlargement extender works by keeping your penis extended for a good amount of time, although this is in hours you can usually wear them under your trousers quite discreetly and most of the newer ones can be kept on for hours at a time. A lot of people ask do penis extenders work? The answer is quite definitely yes. Even after surgery doctors advise their patients to wear them to make sure they get the maximum benefit from the operation.

There is proof that just wearing these extenders work on their own but other people use either pills or exercises to increase the gains or speed them up. Our own personal opinions on pills is that they can help a little but not enough to justify the cost and you can get better results from the exercises.

What a penis enlargement extender mainly does is to keep the penis stretched to its capacity so that the cells break down then replicate to fill the penis. Obviously this happens in minute doses but over time these add up. If you imagine saving £1 a day it isn’t much but over enough time that can mount up to thousands, it’s basically the same thing.

Some companies say you can gain as much as 3 inches in a few months, in our experience that’s a bit of an exaggeration. We do think you can gain that much and actually know people who claim to have done but it takes longer than that. Many people though wouldn’t be too upset if they just grew an extra inch or two.

We mentioned exercises before and this is what we think is the best way to go to speed up success with your penis extender device. Penis exercises, also known as jelqs or jelqing is the most well known way of breaking down cells in the penis and once broken down and put into a penis traction device the cells try to repair themselves to fill the whole penis. If the penis is extended when this happens it will replicate cells to fill the gaps. This happens over hours which is why these extenders need to be worn for so long.

The answer to the question how much work do you need to do for a bigger penis is complicated in that most people only jelq for about 30 minutes a day but if you want to include the time just wearing an extender then it goes up to 8 hours per day. Most people wouldn’t include the time with the extender on as some companies even say it can be worn overnight.